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Louie Christie does gonzo documentary film making, behind the scenes filming, and rockumentorialism.


Rockumentary: Behind The Scenes of Alchemy Rose Single by Nigel Thomas

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gonzo …

  1. … Using an unconventional, exaggerated and highly subjective style, often when the reporter takes part in the events of the story …



  1. A wild or crazy person

Wiktionary (Accessed 21 July 2018)

Documentary Film Making

3 Video Warnings:
   : Age warning - IF age < 16 THEN leave.
  (@*!) : Swearing warning - Comedians like Sean Walsh will fucking swear. And Matt Berry. Probably not Sandi Togsvig. Leave.   
  : Boozing warning - Includes white wine / red wine. Also champagne and Crabbie’s (undocumented). LEAVE.

After this video was made the British comedy awards was axed.

Louie Christie is extremely well qualified. While holding down a full time job in the day, at night he studied earnestly at Raindance Film Centre, gaining his Documentary Foundation Certificate after a long, five Wednesday evenings.

Louie Christie trained under:

  • Gold Plaque winning documentary maker Vanessa Engle. Her documentaries are regularly viewed by millions worldwide. She started her illustrious career spending years on the BBC training scheme.
  • Award-winning director and renowned documentary guru Col Spector, critically acclaimed for his documentary about a photographer and a holocaust survivor.

In a similar vein, Louie Christie is making a funny documentary about his uni mate Nigel.

Coming soon-ish/maybe/never/if I can be arsed

Joy, Depression, And A Moment Of Fame: Rockumentary Movie (Working Title)

I might bring all this footage into a 90 minute feature length documentary movie. If I can be arsed. That’s a lot of editing. I kind of prefer making funny short 3 minute clips for the Internet.

Below should explain everything in crystal clarity...

A funny documentary that follows Nigel Thomas, nearly 40, a British musician, actor, and wannabe indie rock star as he releases his latest album in another ballsy attempt to become famous.
A funny documentary (90 mins) that follows Nigel Thomas, 40, a British musician, actor, and wannabe indie rock star as he releases his latest album in another ballsy attempt to become famous.


This was unexpected…

They were raised primarily on rap music, wait till you see their reaction to indie musician/actor/wannabe famous person Nigel ‘Niggle’ Thomas

Twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams (TwinsthenewTrend on YouTube) were looking for a banger of a tune. They stumbled accross Nigel Thomas’s ‘Stepping Up’ after he shamelessly self-promoted it to them. But did they like it?… (Spoiler: Yes.)

Arguably a better reaction than their Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’ 7 million viral hit reaction video.

Behind The Scenes Filming

I’m a Gorilla Film Maker. Watch my behind the scenes documentary (7 mins) of my brother Alec Christie’s viral web vid series. (Hasn’t actually been a viral sensation yet, but one of these days/decades.)

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