Tech Event Host

Louie Christie is a presenter specialising in technology events.

And a sometimes online game host (a bit like a low-rent Richard O’Brian in the Crystal Maze, or Labyrinth’s Hoggle)

He also has an MSc in human-centred computer systems.

No, he’s not sure what that means either.

It’s something to do with making computers user-friendly.

And god knows, we could do with that.

Tech Talks

Louie Christie is a decent web & app developer, and gives good tech talks.

He’s never actually done a talk at the TED conference.

But he gave a bastard of a tech talk called at the last London Bar Camp unconference.

Much like the real-life Stefan Butler from Black Mirror Bandersnatch. 🖭

Louie Christie in a computer server room, plugging in network cables.
Action shot: Louie Christie fixes The Internet
“I used to work in IT support. People on their desk would normally have a picture of the thing that is most important to them. Maybe their children, or their wife.
Some fuck had his Audi.” – Louie Christie

Recent tech talk titles:

  • “IT recruitment is f@&%ed and how I tried to life hack it”
  • “Headless WordPress, Gatsby, and strawberry JAM (slides)

Technology Event Host